We know kitchens inside out

Granite Transformations Romford is hugely experienced at turning lifeless kitchens into a kitchen that’s bursting with energy. We do it by implementing our beautiful worktops into your existing kitchen set-up, causing the minimum of disruption and fuss in the process so that you can enjoy your new kitchen within hours.

Giving your kitchen makeover will definitely be worth the money as it’s been shown to increase the resale valuation of most houses.

We have done our best to create an eclectic mix of worktops so that you can find something that looks as though it has always been destined to be included in your kitchen.

  • Designs at the cutting edge

    One of the most noticeable aspects of the worktops we produce is how slender they are. However, we are able to craft worktops with a thicker density than normal when required – we always go that extra mile for customers.

  • Amazingly lightweight worktops

    Most kitchen worktops are very heavy and difficult to move from one place to other. We didn’t want that, so we purposely kept our worktops lightweight to make installing them all the easier.

    We will only usually need 24 hours or less to have your worktop put in the desired spot in your kitchen.

  • Reliable in every way

    They may be lightweight, but our worktops still manage to display an outstanding level of performance. They will stand up to virtually anything and the credit for that can be given to the high-grade polyester that we include in them. You won’t believe their enduring strength.

    Hopefully you will feel as confident in our worktops as we do when you receive our Lifetime Limited Warranty, covering you for any potential problems.